About Us

Why-choose-AMSAcadian Monitoring Services’ mission is to provide exceptional life safety and security services and products.

We focus on finding the right product(s) to customize the best solution for your unique needs. With Acadian, you aren’t limited to a single manufacturer’s product line.

All of our dispatchers are highly qualified EMD-certified EMTs and paramedics, trained in pre-arrival instructions using advanced protocols.

Their goal is to first assess your situation quickly and calmly. Then they will send help, if needed, and deliver appropriate instructions for your situation.

We specialize in using advanced technologies for the fastest response to calls 24/7, without delay, due to our bi-directionally redundant network of central stations.

In 2012 alone, we responded to 3 million alarms in our nationwide service area.

The industry average response time for security and fire monitoring signals is 60 seconds, but we maintain an average response time of only 30 seconds for security and fire monitoring signals.

Over 42 Years of Experience in Emergency Medical Response

As an Acadian company, Acadian Monitoring Services maintains the same high standards for excellence as its sister company Acadian Ambulance Service, the largest privately-owned ambulance company in the United States. And the variety of options we can provide to our customers is something that most companies can’t offer.

We have several divisions that provide services to meet the diverse needs of all life safety and security industry sectors:

With over 42 years of emergency response experience, Acadian Monitoring Services has established bi-directionally redundant call centers and monitoring centers that specialize in monitoring thousands of subscribers nationwide. We monitor a wide variety of alarms, ranging from security and fire alarms, to medical, industrial, and mobile alarms.